The Bucktoothed Slopefish

by Joseph DeSisto

We all love tales of rare sharks and squid, hauled up from the depths in nets and traps. Just a few days ago, an extremely rare deep-sea shark (the false catshark) was found off the coast of Scotland. Yet it is important to remember that the ocean is a big place and, in a paradoxical sort of way, it’s quite common for fish to be rare.

Enter the slopefishes, a handsome if under-appreciated family of marine fishes. All of the family’s 12 species live in rocky reefs at moderate depths. Most are rare, some extremely so. One species is known only from two specimens which were removed from the stomach of a coelacanth (a much larger fish) near the Comoros Islands. The slopefish were partially digested, so even though they represent new species, scientists have been unable to formally describe and name them (Anderson and Springer 2005). After 36 years, those two fish remain the only known representatives of their kind.

The bucktoothed slopefish. Photo by M.V. Chesalin, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

The bucktoothed slopefish. Photo by M.V. Chesalin, licensed under CC BY 3.0.

The bucktoothed slopefish’s tale might have ended similarly. Scientists named the species in 1974 based on only one specimen, found near the Gulf of Aden between Yemen and Somalia. Later efforts to capture more were fruitless. Finally, earlier this year, a bucktoothed slopefish made its way into a deep-sea fish trap off the coast of Oman (Anderson et al. 2015).

Now that a new specimen is available, we can appreciate the species for what it is: a thing of beauty, scarlet red and stream-lined, with rigid spines along the back. This discovery serves to remind us that the best finds in nature come not merely from knowledge, or even luck, but from days, weeks, or even decades of patience, persistence, and hard work.


Anderson Jr. W.D. and V.G. Springer. 2005. Review of the perciform fish genus Symphysanodon Bleeker (Symphysanodontidae), with descriptions of three new species, S. mona, S. parini, and S. rhax. Zootaxa 996: 1-44.

Anderson Jr. W.D., M.V. Chesalin, L.A. Jawad, and S.R. Al Shajibi. 2015. Redescription of the percoid fish Symphysanodon andersoni Kotthaus (Symphysanodontidae) from the northwestern Indian Ocean, based on the holotype and the second known specimen. Zootaxa 4021(3): 475-481.


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